Pengalaman Makan di Han Gang

Established in 2006 at Wolter Monginsidi Jakarta, Han Gang Korean Restaurant offers an authentic Korean cuisine combined with a pleasant atmosphere to enhance your dining experience. Along the way Han Gang Korean Restaurant has the second, third and fourth outlets with most of the premises equipped with facilities such as Tatami Rooms and VIP Rooms
We specialize in BBQ-grilled varied with healthy and full of nutrition dishes originated from the finest ingredients available prepared with traditional recipe. Most of our menu contains a variety of vegetables, meats and seafood usually boiled, steamed or stir-fried. As for BBQ-grilled menu, our orthodox head-chef insisted on using special Korean charcoal in order to deliver an authentic taste and distinctive aroma of Korean mouth-watering cuisine.
Supported with experienced chefs and professional hands blended with informal but elegant yet relaxing interior design, Han Gang Korean Restaurant eager to provide you, your family or business associates a pleasant atmosphere to enjoy the taste of an authentic Korean dining
Tulisan di atas merupakan sepenggal informasi perihal Han Gang,
Pengalaman saya makan di Han Gang yang ada di Mall Taman Anggrek, tepatnya di     MALL TAMAN ANGGREK: 4th floor Unit AO2  yang berdekatan dengan arena Ice Skating.
Setelah memesan menu yang kami inginkan, sebelumnya diberikan makanan pembuka

dilanjutkan dengan menu pesanan :

rasanya memang lumayan dan membuat lidah menari nari.

Kami sengaja memilih yang banyak mengandung Jamur - Makan sehat sih maunya

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